Derby City Classic
by John Pirkey on 01/26/2015

The Derby City Classic 2015 is underway and you can catch all the action via several online streams. The primary stream provided by Accu-Stats features all of the Bigfoot 10-ball Challenge this year. After that, they will showcase matches from the Banks, One Pocket and 9-Ball tournaments. Not all streamed matches will be turned into DVDs for purchase at a later date, so this is a great opportunity to catch some of those lost matches that you hear about from people who were there. They offer PPV passes by day or for the whole event to suit your situation. You can buy the PPV stream directly from here.

As usual Bigtruck, aka PoolActionTV, is streaming a variety of events elsewhere in the casino. So far he's featured the national event of the American Rotation league. Afterwards he typically features noteworthy challenge matches between anyone wanting to get in the box and mix it up. Another great streamer with lots of great content. There are day-passes as well as event passes, each with their own reasonable cost, available. You can buy the PPV here.

Finally, there's a new entry into the streaming arena this year: TvMike is streaming selected matches from each tournament event. Be sure to check out this stream and let him know how much you appreciate his work to bring you all another stream straight from the best tournament in the nation! You can buy his stream here for around $8 which gives you a whole month of TvMike streaming (beyond the DCC).

Enjoy all the pool you can absorb and let us know if there's another stream not already listed! Check each streamer's website for schedule of streams. Accu-Stats typically streams from around 11am until around 11pm. Bigtruck streams later in the day through late in the evening. And TvMike, streams randomly throughout the entire 24 hours in a day.

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