Cue Makers in and around St. Louis

Most pool players in St. Louis know about Jerry Terbrock, as he is considered THE guy to go to amongst the local leagues. However, what's not as well known is that St. Louis has several amazing cue makers. KB Custom Cues sponsors professional player (and notorious One Pocket player) Scott Frost. Treadway cues, though the youngest, has already made a huge impact on the cue scene by making it in the American Cuemakers Association. He is also sponsoring several pro and semi-pro players around the midwest. If you are into cues, you surely have heard of Black Creek Custom Cues. But if you aren't then you are on missing out another creative and unique builder. We encourage you to visit their websites below and seek them out at local events. You won't be disappointed!

Brand Name Phone Description
Black Creek Cues (000) 000-0000 Black Creek Cues is based in Smithton, IL just across the river from St. Louis, Missouri. All cues are custom made by Travis from start to finish.
QB Custom Cues (636) 485-4354 QB Custom Cues was founded in 2003, with dedication and devotion assigned to each and every cue that we build. Because we are a small two man shop, our build production is around 20-25 cues a year, allowing us to pay close attention to the construction and detail in each and every cue. We carry between the two of us over 25 years of machinist and CNC Programming experience. We believe in Quality over Quantity, and that construction and playability supersedes cosmetics.
Terbrock Cues (314) 520-3221 Jerry is another long-time cuemaker known to players across the country. His styles cross all boundaries.
Treadway Cues (314) 605-8935 Treadway Custom Cues was started by Josh Treadway, a long-time apprentice of the legendary cuemaker and good friend Jim Buss. Josh is now working out of Jim's shop and creating his own cues. He is forging his own design ideas and cue-building techniques to a new level of creativity and ingenuity. The first requirements of all Treadway Custom Cues are playability and craftsmanship, which Josh feels are only a few of the paramount requirements necessary to create a quality custom cue. Treadway Custom Cues became a voting member of the American Cuemakers Association in 2012.