Interview with Nick Evans
by John Pirkey on 03/24/2015

I had a chance to have a conversation with up'n'coming player, Nick Evans. Nick has grown up in the St. Louis area and has moved through the official world of billiards through recognized channels, like the BEF. He's a junior national champion and his continued drive to improve is quite inspirational. Read on to hear a little of his story and thoughts on other things for the pool community.

Stl Pool: How did you get started playing pool? What kept you coming back?
I first started when I was 7 years old at my dads pool hall. When he closed down that pool hall I quit playing for 4 years till he opened ABC billiards now and I've been playing ever since.

SP: What equipment do you currently use? Do you have any sponsors or officially endorse any products?
: My cues I currently use are pechauer and I'm sponsored by them. They are a great cue and everyone should give them a chance. I am also sponsored by Hustlin clothing brand. They have a great product for pool related clothes.

SP: What accomplishment are most proud of?
My greatest accomplishment so far in pool is winning junior nationals and my little brother doing the same in the other division. Then going to junior worlds in China and getting 5. That experience is something I'll never forget.

SP: What is your favorite pool/road/match story?
My favorite one is going to a tourney in Oklahoma that had around 64 people me and my dad play each other early in the tourney and I lose to him shortly after I get knocked out. But my dad I was watching all of his matches and he went through and won the tourney so it was a really good experience for me to see that.

SP: What are your current goals with the game? Do you have any long-term goals?
My current goals are to travel a lot more and play and do good in bigger tourneys. Long term goal is to win the U.S. open and be on the mosconi cup team.

SP: What kind of approach do you have to playing the game - are you more calculating or instinctual?
I am more of an instinct player and a ball maker. But when I'm playing bad I know it and I know I can't go for the same shots so I'll play a lot more safe to get ball in hand more often.

SP: What advice would you give to the novice player just starting to fall in love with the game?
Some advice I would give to a novice player is that go for a good stick right off the bat. Don't buy something that will get warped. Good equipment will always make you play better.

SP: What advice would you give to players who are new to competition?
To players that are new to competition I'd say to stay focused on the game and try to not let your nerves get the best of you.

SP: What are your preferences about pool in general: What’s your favorite game? Do you have any equipment preferences?
I like playing with Pechauer cues the best - and on Diamond tables with Hustlin clothes on. [Editors note: Spoken like a sponsored man!]

SP: Who/What was/is your inspiration to keep going? Do/did you have any role models?
My inspiration to keep going and playing is my dad. I want him to see me get to the highest level I can.

SP: Do you have a favorite player to watch? Do you have a favorite competitor?
My favorite player is Nick Varner. I believe he is the best all around player ever.

SP: Do you have a favorite event? Something you look forward to and perhaps even motivates you?
I really like going to the Super Billiard Expo because my sponsors are there as are friends I hardly ever get to see and I get to play in front of all of them.

SP: How do you think the local pool scene could be improved, in terms of visibility, perception or participation?
I think the local pool scene is on a good track right now. I know that St. Louis used to be a huge city for pool and since hasn't been. But I believe that it is back on the rise and is growing more and more.

Nick:Thank you for the interview.

We thank you, Nick, for taking the time to talk with us and we look forward to watching your career progress. Good luck!

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