The Derby City Classic 2016
by John Pirkey on 01/22/2016

The largest US tournament officially kicks off today, and only four quick hours from St. Louis. I strongly urge any pool player or fan to make every effort to attend the DCC at least once. You will see and hear things there that you won't at any other event. Players come from all over the country to attend this NINE day event, showcasing 3 major tournaments back to back and offering several other tournaments along the way.

If you aren't able to attend, there are several online streams available to you. First and foremost is the Accu-Stats stream. It has the highest production quality and best commentary. The set up an entire arena just for their matches, complete with stadium seating. It's free to attend any of those matches in the general seating, but VIP seats are available to get you ringside. The stream is PPV only and has passes for the morning or evening session, a full day, or the whole week.

If it's pure, raw action you seek then look no further than PoolActionTV. BigTruck has a room all to himself, dedicated to action. You can listen in and watch games get made, more barking than a wild pack of dogs and some of the craziest games ever heard of. You can purchase a PPV pass by the day ($13) or the week ($35).

TvMike is currently showcasing the American Rotation Championship. Afterwards, he'll show a mixture of the 14.1 Challenge, Banks tournament matches and other side action matchups. Some of his content is free to watch and some of it will require a membership to his site.

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