The Players Club
by John Pirkey on 12/07/2014

The Players Club (TPC) was formed for the players. We will be putting on some small events, some big events, exhibitions, and much much more! We invite anyone who wants to be a part of it to join our mission to bring some big things to St. Louis. We have obtained some great sponsors who have helped out tremendously, and they will be announced soon, but the teaser is that TPC will be giving away, among other things, trip vouchers, and a new car!

2015 will be a great year for pool in St. Louis!

TPC will be providing live streaming coverage of their tournaments, exhibitions and challenge matches; offering the players an opportunity to purchase their own match immediately after they finish playing. TPC is working with several professional and touring players to offer lessons and clinics to the area as well.

Each event TPC hosts will earn players points: a minimum for just participating in the event, then more points for winning matches throughout the tournament. Rewards are given at the end of the season based on points and will include: merchandise discounts, travel discounts, sponsorship opportunities and a new car!

So collect those points every chance you get!

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